What is MuMi

Welcome to MuMi. Here begins the journey that, through fantasy worlds and historical reconstructions, will allow you to discover what we consider a true art form. The project is developed through different types of expression, ranging from sculpture to painting; thanks to the collaboration of artists, designers, illustrators, and public figures, this project promotes educational events.


MuMi is Art

In a changing world, where the pace of life is increasingly hectic and alienating, MuMi wants to enhance an art form in which the manual, the search for and the attention to details are out of time and plunge the visitor into a forgotten dimension.


Teaching is MuMi

MuMi develops and promotes events dedicated to what made our “history” timeless, and to what made our " imaginary world" involving. A unique path that enriches the visitor through sculpture and painting courses, and that sensitizes him/her by suggesting charity events.