Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth

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I was born in Caracas city, Venezuela, on October 10th 1974, now I am 39 years old.

My passion for modeling started on 1994 when I began to work in a Hobby Shop of my Country when I was 17 years old, on that time I used to build military planes on scale, it was on the year 2000 when I began to have interest on figures when a saw a pair of a very interesting works that cough my attention in an expo-competition in my Country.

I have reached the level that I have now due to the interest an pleasure for what I do, too much study and practice and when I do something I try to do it the best as possible.

My techniques are the result of my studiers, since I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer that allows me to have knowledge in painting and illustration techniques. For figures it is quite different since you work on something tri-dimensional and not bi-dimensional, and so, I have had to do too much investigation for learning the painting in figures.

What I do today and the world of historical figures, means a lot to me, since it is very exciting and it makes me feel out of reality, sometimes it is also my labor supply since I paint some orders for different figure brands.

I also had the pleasant experience when I went to Madrid to visit the exposition of “León Ramplante 2006” where I could knew several masters and I could see their projects in person, there I learned a lot of new things and realize how interesting is this hobby beyond my borders.

The most important stage of my career was when” Pegasso Models” opened me the doors to paint their high quality figures since this is a brand that I have always appreciated and also when “Elite Miniatures” of Spain allowed me to paint some of their Box Arts. Other important moment was when “Euromodelism of Spain” put one of my works on the cover of their magazine; it was much pride for me.

I don’t have a list of awards since I only have participated in the International Exposition of Madrid on 2006, but the silver and bronze medals that I win there are of a grate relevance to me.

To the young people that want to make incursion in this world my advice is to have a lot of patience and too much enjoyment independently of the results. I could say also that there is time for everything, they can play, study, work, etc.