Enrique Velasco

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My name is Enrique Velasco, also known as emuse, born in 1980. I am a professional freelance miniature painter from Madrid, Spain.

I finished History degree some years ago with not many professional expectations. I was studying for a public examination but the economic crisis started and the public jobs were drastically reduced. The inability to work in something connected with my studies made ​​me decant for something completely different, something that had always liked me and I realized it could be an interesting and motivating activity. I have been working the last five years as freelance painter and still I have many doubts about my future.

I have collaborated with many manufacturers and collectors from around the world and have garnered awards and recognition for my work, both domestic and international.

With strong influence of film, comic, Illustration, History and 80´s and 90´s popular culture. All these influences are captured in some ideas that attempt to express in my works. Most of them wait patiently in a notebook because my painting and sculpting skills are not enough yet. I strongly believe in the evolution capacity of this discipline and that´s why I find it the perfect place to develop my creativity.

One of my goals is to make true all the images that I have in my head as accurate as possible and why not, try to innovate a little in a world that from my point of view is always turning on the same subjects.