Alex Varela

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My name is Alex Varela, but usually I’m also known for "Iguazzu" a nickname that I created many years ago to participate in web forums and today is practically my trademark. I was born in Cadiz , southern Spain in 1980, where I still live today. A land of light and sea that invites to peace and joy. I’m a Special Education Teacher and work at a school with children. It’s a work that complete and passionate to me. Every day is a new adventure, where there is always time for a smile or reach a new goal. It's not an easy job but it is really amazing and wonderful.

My entry into the world of miniatures was by chance, when in 2000 I got a box with figures of The Lord of the Rings and a few paint bottles. It was then that I discovered this exciting hobby and undertook a journey of learning that even today I’m traveling. Thanks to this hobby, I have met good friends who are now part of my family and many others across the length and breadth of this world. Of all the countries and continents! Even today I wonder as a hobby as small as it can join people and cultures so different. What makes it even more rich and full, and that the ideas, techniques and opinions are shared and disseminated, regardless of borders or languages. For me, this is the most important base that holds the world of miniatures. Being able to share, learn and teach. Without this, the modelism would be doomed. So I believe in promoting the hobby through education of the same, showing values ​​of work, friendship, solidarity, humility, curiosity...

And today, almost 14 years later, I still work every day as if it were the first. Hungry of knowledge and working to teach and help others. And above all, eager to paint!