Javier González

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My name is Javier González, but almost all people in this small world know me as “Arsies”. I was born in Gijón in the north Spain in 1980. Now I’m living in Ubrique in the Cadiz state. Even if I’m an enthusiastic of board games and miniatures since I was a child, my race as professional painter started in 2009.

Since I discovered miniature painting until now I ‘ve been perfecting my technique and knowledge. This started as a hobby plenty of passion and now is a job that I enjoy. I greatly appreciate contributions from other professional painters as the constant and selfless help from my friends and fans which I share my progress.

I think I can say that my painting style is dark, technical and balanced. Basically my own evolution from the Spanish fantasy school, even if, of course, I also paint historical.

Today best I can say is that I learned to work and enjoy this without sacrificing professionalism.