Kirill Vladimirovich Kanaev

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I was born in 1978th in USSR. Toy soldiers was my real first love and at that time I even can`t suppose that it`s will be the cause of my life. My first soldier I had paint somewhere in 1985th, that was exactly toy soldiers, flat cavalry made from colored soft plastic. My father was my first teacher. Then we hadn`t hear about acrylics, oils was too difficult for painting and we`ve paint with car enamels. At that times miniatures and scale modelling hobby in USSR was a “thing from another planet”. All kids had play in soldiers, collecting plastic tanks and warplanes, but just a few of them still receive a fun from it when grow up. And a main reason of it was a limited assortment of the soviet toys, scale models and soldiers. I could stand an ordinary men but I`m thankful to destiny because my father was a member of Moscow club of the scale modelling. This fact, I understand it now, was a cause that had direct all my life and make me such as I am. This club was a community of hobbysts, place for relation and a flea market where we can buy a treasures, imported models, miniatures, hobby magazines and illustrated war history books. It`s was just another world full of happiness and fun! There I had inquire about Airfix, Matchbox, Revell, Esci and other manufacturers. My frightfully for next six years stand 1:72 and 1:32 soldiers and painting, painting and more of painting. After fall of USSR imported hobby goods officially come onto Russian market. Models, magazines, miniatures and paints stand accessible and from this point my painting skills begin to grow up. I had inquire about shades and highlights, matt varnish, worn effect and other interesting stuff. Since 1992nd I had start to paint commission works. My first commissioner was a small company “Cross of st.George” that producing a souvenirs. Then I starting to paint with tempera water based paints. This was a real revelation for me after car enamels. In 1994th I had change tempera for acrylics that had give me more possibilities. But at that time painting for me still was just a hobby. After school I had coming in college, my profession must by car design and I had think that it`s will by my real occupation for the nearest years. Our dean often had quote from Arthur Hailey “Wheels” (sorry if this isn`t correct quote, I had hear it on Russian): Car must by your “god” and design are your “religion”. I had understood it completely only when I take my diploma. Car wasn`t my “god” and design wasn`t my “religion”, I had make a big mistake and absolutely have not wish to go work in car atelier. My “god” is miniatures and i`ll by unhappy rest of my life if I betray them. From this point I had start to work as a freelancer with Russian companies Zvezda, Technolog, 1st Guards and Drabant. I had do a painting for box arts covers and pictures for rulebooks. But I begin to feel that here havn`t any development for me. And thing that give me a good kick ahead was Cool mini or not portal. So much of good quality images was a real shock for me, so much of new techniques, great ideas and inspiration in one place! Since 2003rd I had working as a sculptor with several miniatures companies out of Russia, it`s was Darkson designs, Urban mammoth, Black tree design and Eastern front miniatures. Now my main work are painting and sculpting for private collectors. Also I paint box art for Young miniatures.