Marc Masclans

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My name is Marc Masclans , I am 25 years old and I 'm from Barcelona. I started painting figures when I was 11, and like most painters, Games Workshop brand . Gradually I discovered that I enjoyed painting more than playing and became interested in the work of other Spanish painters, especially SPANISH TEAM of people with whom we became fast friends and shared their knowledge with me.

In the wake of new friends, I decided to start traveling, going to competitions outside of Spain, usually Golden Demon circuit. It was through these trips that I was meeting many painters of the rest of Europe , and especially to see their work in hand, which encouraged me to go on and to try to keep improving.

Then a few years to compete in some contests , in 2007 I won my first golden demon in France, which for me was a very special moment, and that somehow made me see my progression was positive compared to other painters and general level. I didn't think at all that all was about compare or cometition, but I think it'is important to improve to put your work next to the top to see how close or how far you are to reach that level. On that time was everything about technique, now there are many other things.

I do not consider having a particularly recognizable style but in some ways I think color is recognizable signature. Although I have never been clear what my references guess teachers I've had, on more or less as I would. Over time I've been taking here and there of what I liked about the things I've seen, and then I tried to play in my figures. Anyway usually I like to work with intense colors a matte finish looking a bit pastel.

In 2008 I started work as a painter for Zenit miniatures with which I have continued to work, being my first foray into the professional world of miniature painting. After obtaining several awards, important in various competitions (regional, national and international), I decided to devote myself full time to painting, working as a freelance painter.

This question raised me an internal debate. If I work as a painer for brands, I have to produce as a craftsman, not allowing me o do much art work. This is not bad at all becouse what I really enjoy is painting, but on that position I don't have much more opportunity to improve, becouse I have to solve the miniatures fast and clean. There is not much time to think, to make mistakes, to investigate, is just mechanic. In any case I think I am lucky to be able to work on what I love, and am sure that soon or later I will start doing again many miniatures like the giant or the freebooterz. I don't know til when I be able to do this but I am sure that de Mumi project will help to miniatures world, making it more visible and accepted, and I 'm delighted to be part of it.