Pablo López Jimeno

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My name is Pablo López Jimeno , better known as paloji in this world. I was born in Madrid on December 21, 1983 and I have been painting miniatures since 2002 or so, when coinciding with the theatrical release of " The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers " I started buying , painting and playing the Games Workshop game with the same name.

Since then I have liked and interested more in the artistic side of the hobby than gaming , and have been slowly painting more and playing less , until today when I barely play but don´t stop painting. In all this time , thanks to this hobby , I have met many great people, great friends (many of them with whom I have the great honor of sharing this museum), I have traveled the world going to lots of contests, sometimes luckiest and sometimes less , but always enjoying it which is what really counts in the end. This sense of community is definitely the best thing about this hobby.

Regarding the miniatures themselves, what I like most are the pieces that you have something beyond a "simple" figure standing facing forward. And that is precisely what I want and what I try to do with my work (mostly dioramas), looking for something more than of history, background , dynamism , something original to call the attention of the viewer.