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On Saturday, the 7th of May 2016, at Villa Reale in Milan, MuMi took part into a charity event in favour of the Theodora Foundation NGO, helping to raise funds and cheering up the children that came to the park. Theodora is a non-profit organization that helps children in hospital, and their families, to face the difficult test of hospitalisation through the visit of the “Dottor Sogni” (Dreams Doctor), professional artists specifically trained by the Foundation to work in the paediatric hospital.

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Specifically for this occasion, MuMi has prepared a series of events to make children, and their families, begin a journey to discover the world of miniatures. The path was linked to a board game created in collaboration with Terrible Kids Stuff and it was articulated into 2 sections. Children had first painted the game’s miniatures and then used them to play on boards. Eventually the children were able to take home the miniatures as a souvenir of the day. Several MuMi artists have volunteered to lead the little guests’ first steps into the art world in miniature. A special thanks goes to Fabrizio Russo, Max Richiero, Luciano Rossetto, Giovanni Amenta, Matteo Murelli, Stefano Mocchetti, Francesco Farabi and Michael Kontraros: thanks guys!

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In parallel with the game path, a section dedicated to the “Subbuteo” world has been presented. Even this section had a large influx of curious and interested people. One of the rooms of the museum, which you can find at this LINK, has been presented through an information brochure, the first in a series.

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This year, again, we're really pleased to have been able to give a smile to many children and have donated about 1200 euros in charity, including the sale of the baskets and the game in the box. See you at the next event!