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Hulk vs Thor

For ages, thesuperheroes’ genre readers have wondered who could be the strongest among all their favourite heroes. Their numerous letters sent to newsrooms seek an answer or a confirmation to their beliefs. Publishing houses, such as Marvel or DC, began to offer series, or special editions, focused on epic fights, such as "The Battle of the Century" or "The Battles of the Millennium", or single editions such as "Superman against Muhammad Ali", "Superman against Wonder Woman"or the fantastic crossover "Superman against Spider-Man"also available in large format at the beginning. It must be said that often there was not a definitive and right answer to the readers’ question, because newsrooms didn’t want toupset or disappoint any supporters; sometimes, subversive ending were proposed, such as the case of Muhammad Ali defeating Superman twice. Among the battles, known for their greater charm and uncertainty, there are the ones between superheroesdefinedAbove Top Tier, among which we can certainly mention Hulk and Thor.

In the world of comics, their battles have always been memorable. We can mention the episode when Thor managed to avoid being defeated byHulk,who was boosted by the hammer Nul,forged by Asgard(during the saga Fear Itself),sending the Green Monster in space with a nice shot of Mjolnir. So it was not, however, when Thor met Rulk, or Red Hulk, who defeated the blond god of the Vikings using the same magic hammer to hit him.

Hulk and Thor are the super heroes who probably can boast a power and a reputation that others have not. Over the decades, these two giants have fought against each other for about thirty times, but there are few battles that have seen a real winner. We can mention a few victories for Thor, a few victories for Hulk,and some draws. Thor and Hulk have never felt a mutual hatred, indeed. The God of Thunder has always been very forthcoming with the Green Goliath, believing Banner a good person and always offering his friendship, respecting his strength and values.

Bruce instead has never felt sympathy for at least 90% of superheroes, and one of his greatest desires has always been to destroy Thor and his hammer. Why? No one knows.

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The Nordic God of Thunder, Force, and War Thor was an arrogant and spoiled god, willing to live epic adventures since his youth. Son of Odin and Gaea, his arrogance arrived to the peak when he was able to raise the magic hammer Mjolnir, the most powerful weapon of all the Nine Kingdoms.With this weapon he attacked the Frost Giants; this action caused his father’s fury because with these Giantsa peace was signed. Because of this gesture, Thor was banished fromMidgard, our Earth.

After forgetting his divine origins, Thor became the disabled doctor Donald Blake, the power of a God hidden in the body of a fragile crippled doctor, who feels a perpetual inferiority complex because of his condition. During a trip to Norway, the doctor found himself facing an alien invasion coming from Saturn. Escaping from invaders, Blake was forced to take refuge in a cave, where he found what looked like an old walking stick. Knocking it to the ground, it turned out to be the magic hammer Mjolnir, and Donald became the mythical Thor again. After scaring the aliens away, he began to live a double life: one as the doctor Donald Blake and the other one as Avenger Thor.

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The life of Robert "Bruce" Banner had always been characterized by a huge pent-up anger. Son of an alcoholic father, who later kill the mother, the future Green Giant will get his revenge by murdering his father with his own hands. As an adult, Robert decides to vent his hatred on books, becoming one of the most brilliant scientists in the world, especially in the field of nuclear physics and gamma rays. Under the supervision of the man, who will then become his worst enemy, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, and his charming daughter, Betty Ross (the love of his life), Bruce was working on a government project aimed to create a gamma rays’ device. It was during the test, however, that the young Rick Jones, snaked into the secret base for a bet, and Banner was forced to intervene to save the young man, getting hit by gamma rays. The consequences will be disastrous and they will forever change Bruce’s life: radiation exposure had indeed given shape to the more obscure soul of the nuclear physicist. All the anger and the hatred of a lifetime will form the mighty figure of the unstoppable Hulk. Originally the Giant was grey, but because of typographical difficulties, it was decided to changethe colourinto green, which became the hallmark of the character. At the beginning, instead of becoming green because of the anger and stress, Banner became the alter ego only at night. Hulk is a anguished figure: captured, chased, hated by everyone and everything, his life will be a succession of losses and pain, and more than once it will fall into pieces leaving the monster increasingly defeated and shot down by an enemy that you can not even punch.

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One of the first times the two titans foughtwas in 1965 in "Journey into Mystery # 112". In this story, the struggle between them does not see a real winner:Thor himself asksOdin to limit the powers of his hammer. In "Incredible Hulk # 440", which came out in the 90’s, both Hulk and Thor appear very different from what they are today: Thor was wearing a different costume and the Hulkwascolouredin a different shade of green and portrayed with a bushy beard. He was portrayed like a Bruce Bannercoming from an alternative future, become a despot and that killed most of the other superheroes on the planet, calling himself "The Master". The fight between the two heroes ends without a final winner: we see Hulk saving Thor from the explosion of an atomic bomb dropped by the army intervened on the field.

In "Fear Itself", a not loved and well appreciated saga, Hulk collects one of the magic hammers available, becoming "Nul, Breaker of Worlds" and fighting against Thor with The Thing.

We saw this story broadcast on screen as well. The two medium-length animated cartoons, produced by Marvel Studios in 2009, titled “Hulk vs”presented, in the first one, Hulk fighting against Wolverine, and in the other fighting the legendary Thor. While Odin was sleeping, the best warriors were protecting Asgard. The evil Loki wants to take advantage of the situation, and kidnaps Bruce Banner, separating him from Hulk in order to use him as obedient instrument of revenge. The various Asgardian heroes, among them Thor himself, fought against Hulk, but the Green Giant was able to escape the control of Loki as well. The Hulk's rage is unstoppable, nothing can withstand, even an alliance between Thor and Loki, nor Hela, the queen of the underworld, the place where finally the soul of Bruce Banner found peace. Helaherself, scared of seeing her kingdom destroyed, willre-join the Hulk's body with the mind of Bruce Banner, who will be recognized as a great hero by the Odin, for defending the walls of Asgard.

A conflict between these two mighty heroes is the topic of the films“The Avenger” (2012) and “Thor” (2011), while the “Thor: Ragnarok” (out in 2017) previews announce that the blond god will fight again against the green Goliath in a bullring, as they were two ancient gladiators.

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