Diego Ruina

Ambiorix was Chief of the Eburones, a Celtic population that, in the 1st Century B.C. lived between the shores of the Rhine and Meuse rivers in the territory of Gallic Belgium. He was a courageous and proud leader, initially allied with the Romans, but after the revolt of Treviri, he rebelled against Caesar in 57 B.C. He attacked 15 Roman cohort legions in an ambush under the command of Lucio Cotta, whilst the rest of his force was quartered in the winter camp of Aduatuca, in modern day Tongeren, eastern Belgium and north of Liege. Titurius Sabino was captured by Ambiorix, stripped of his robes and with a lance pointing at his chest, Ambiorix asked him: "why do men like you want to dominate valiant men such as us?" Titurius Sabino was massacred and Caesar's reaction was immediate and fierce, ordering the capture of Ambiorix dead or alive. The Eburones were exterminated in a military operation equivalent to a modern day ethnic cleansing. Ambiorix, defeated by Caesar, managed to escape extermination, crossing the Rhine and escaping into Germania. The figure of Ambiorix, historically documented in the Latin sources of Caesar, Suetonius and Cassius Dione, was chosen by the Belgians as an emblematic figure of their national identity, re-enforced in the epic poem by Jan van Steeland as well as the statue of Ambiorix erected in the market square of Tongeren.


  • Model scale 75mm.
  • Painted with oils and acrilics
  • Manufacturer Pegaso Models