A Museum
Two permanent exhibitions

MuMi offers two main routes to embark on the journey in the miniatures’ art world: "History Experience" and "Fantasy Experience". Taking part in the "History Experience" course, the visitor will be accompanied on an exciting journey in our history: the ancient Greeks, the Templar Knights, the Samurais, etc. Through different thematic areas, that will present a series of art projects, the visitor will be immerged in a unique exploration from the origins of human beings up to the present day. The "Fantasy Experience" course certainly will not be less compelling. Starting from the classic Tolkien setting up to the most visionary Worlds, the visitor will be accompanied to places populated by Ogres, Warriors, and Dragons until the discovery of the myth’s origins.

the classic gallery

As an alternative to this perspective, MuMi also provides the opportunity to visit the museum in a classic way: a dynamic gallery where the visitor can enjoy all the works. With a simple filter, the visitor can quickly choose which type of miniatures he/she wants to visualize.

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