Allan-Diego Carrasco

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My name is Allan-Diego Carrasco, I'm french and was born in 1984. I sculpt, paint and few times buy miniatures, I draw, a bit, I love carving small pieces of wood, building masks from raw materials, cooking ...and well, won't write all my life here ! Oh, another very important thing, I have a daughter :) I live in south-est France, Provence, in a small town known as Forcalquier, a beautiful land.

I'm not a fan of miniatures in general, but I like the medium, the tool miniature is. This tool give me a way to access some visions or ideas I have in mind, to change them into objects. On a more concrete side it also permit me to «live», to earn money, that's my main and only job. I'm happy with it, as a good friend (a sculptor too) said me one time : « I spend my days sculpting little monsters with modelling clay and I'm paid for doing that !...should I ask for more? » he was right.

As any other job, I have to understand and satisfy my clients and commissioners. Some are coming to me for my skills, other for my style or ideas, I appreciate it, each project is something different. I've worked for many companies from many countries, for gaming figures, collections, historical or fantasy and my clients include excellent friends or strangers. I work as a miniature sculptor for 11 years now...and sometimes wonder I could evolve and change the purpose, size or subject of my sculptures. But, for the moment I couldn't achieve this, have to wait I guess.

Allan C.

July 2015.